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Travel & Commercial Photography

I really enjoy working with brands who share the same interests and passions as me. Whether that's specialty coffee, travel essentials, technology, or even specialty coffee brewers designed for travel! I've worked with a wide range of brands and organisations, some of which you can find below.




Wacaco is an expert in nomadic coffee and espresso, and is a great example of me working with brands that I love. I use their products on a daily basis and I enjoy working with them regularly to create new content for their social media channels! Click here to see more of my work with Wacaco.



I spent a week working onboard a sailboat in Croatia, capturing all of the action, partying, stunning scenery and highlighting what it's like to go on holiday with sailweek! Click here to see more from my week in Croatia.

25 July 14-12-40 SHANNON.jpg



I worked with ASUS to promote their new Zenbook Pro. I took the laptop with me on a roadtrip in my campervan and captured a variety of content along the way, showing how this is a great laptop for digital creators on the road. You'll find more of my work with ASUS on my social media channels.



Winthome is another brand that I work with regularly, and is another example of a brand that I allign with. I've photographed a lot of their products, including microfibre travel towels, changing robes, blanket hoodies and more! I use the products often on my travels, which I always find creates really realistic and natural photos of the products in a real environment. You can view some of the photos here.




Epson wanted to run a campaign to show one of their projectors being used to set up an outdoor cinema. They noticed my online content and thought I'd be the perfect person to show this. So, I set up an outdoor film night with the projector whilst travelling in my van. Here's a few of the highlights.


People's Captain

People's captain is a craft beer company, who want to use the social nature of craft beer to bring people together, have meaningful conversations and have a positive social impact whilst they're at it. I got the chance to get creative with some of their beers and create some great product shots for them! View some of the final shots here.




Jackery create incredible portable power stations and I use their products often when I'm travelling. Here's some of my favourite shots that show their products in a real life situation.


Other Travel Work

As you've probably noticed, a lot of my product photography contains travel themes, and is something I really enjoy doing! Click here to see a wide range of other travel photography.

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